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The image represents USDT Txs in Ethereum Blockchain in a morning of Sep-19:

- Dots are wallet addresses: the size is proportional to size number transactions and the colour changes with total amount of the Txs

- Lines are the transactions, the the movement of a certain quantity of USDT from one wallet to another


The purpose of this site is to share my journey into Blockchain technology with focus on Decentralise Finance with the hope to help others or just inspire others to imagine a better, fairer world.

I believe blockchain technology is unlocking  massive opportunities with extremely positive social and economic impact:  contribute to this process facilitating the understanding and the development of a decentralised financial ecosystem.

A Decentralised Finance ecosystem based on blockchain technology is and must be inclusive, transparent, and provide access to financial tools and instruments not for the few but for the most so that most would have the same opportunity to buy our future.

Fail to see this I believe can limit the view on the opportunity that this tech can provide.


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